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The Provisional Patent Kit will help you protect your idea quickly and cheaply. A provisional patent application gives you patent pending status.

Do you have an idea that solves a problem and will be a big success? Been afraid to talk about it because someone else may steal it?

Many inventors share the same concern.

Before you talk about your idea with anyone, pitch it to manufacturers, or apply to audition for a show such as Shark Tank, you need to protect your invention with Patent Pending status provided by a provisional patent application.

Provisional applications are quick to prepare, easy to file, and, best of all the cheapest way to be patent pending. If you have gone to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website looking for how to file a provisional patent application, you may have found some general information, but you may have still been in the dark about how to actually put together a provisional patent application and get it filed.

My Provisional Patent Kit makes it easy for you to create and file a provisional application yourself. I made it for those that want to be patent pending and are willing to put in a little DIY effort and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the process.

Easy 3-Step Process

In my kit, I explain and show you how to take the three steps to becoming patent pending:

1) describing your invention in a provisional application (it’s easier than you think),

2) filling in blanks on two simple forms (takes less than 10 minutes), and finally

3) filing your application electronically with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (and get a filing receipt back instantly).

That’s it! Just three easy steps and you have Patent Pending protection for your invention.

What Some of Our Customers Say

“Bravo re. Prov. Patent Kit! I am all set to file my provisional patent pending application.  Your kit was a wonderful help.” Doug S. (MN)

“Dear Steve, I can t thank you enough for creating this kit…” Olga

Double Guarantee

I’m confident you’ll find this kit helpful. You’ll be able to prepare your provisional application and file it.  In fact I’m so confident, that I’ll make you two guarantees: 1) If you get stuck or need help, just email me and I’ll help you out – no additional charge, and 2) If the Provisional Patent Kit just isn’t for you – no worries, I’ll gladly refund your money 100% no questions asked.

Do it

Don’t let another year go by without acting on your great idea. Protect it today with a provisional and get moving with bringing your idea to life.

Invest in yourself and your idea – click here to get the Provisional Patent Kit today!

A Little About Me…

Brief Bio of Stephen W. Aycock II, Esq.

Here’s a little about me and why I know I can help you protect your invention:

  • Computer Engineer for over 10 years with experience at Harris, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and others.
  • As an engineer, I had the privilege to work on the Space Shuttle launch system and the Javelin Missile
  • Engineering Degree from University of South Florida
  • Law degree from The George Washington University
  • 15+ years of experience in patent law
  • Drafted and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications before the United State Patent and Trademark Office
  • I represent clients ranging from individual inventors to Fortune 50 corporations
  • I’m a published author with dozens of technical and legal articles and a book for Amazon Kindle

I use my experience to make the provisional patent process easy. You can do this! I’d be honored for my kit to help you.

Wishing you much success with your invention,

Stephen W. Aycock II, Esq.

Provisional Patent Kit Author Stephen Aycock Patent Attorney

Stephen Aycock, Patent Attorney Author – Provisional Patent Kit

Registered Patent Attorney

Admitted to Practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Member of The Florida Bar

PS – If you have any questions about the provisional patent kit, feel free to email me:

The Provisional Patent Kit is a complete solution for getting Patent Pending status.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Instructions on how to write your provisional patent application written by a registered patent attorney.

  • Both forms you need with complete instructions on properly filling out the forms to file a provisional application online.

  • Shows you how to get a 50% fee reduction (*hint: use one of the forms included with this kit) - Saves $70! Kit pays for itself first time you use it.

  • Illustrated instructions to file your provisional application online, which saves time, money and gives you an instant receipt from the Patent Office with your application serial number.

  • How to get a free program to format your PDF files for filing - saves $$ and time. I show you how to get the same free PDF tool I use everyday.

  • Create illustrations for your provisional application using your smartphone and a free app that works great. Another time and money saving tip that makes this kit pay for itself.

Get the Provisional Patent Kit now for just $34

Save yourself time and money - file your provisional patent online today


Filling the Provisional Patent Information Gap

Many inventors are aware of provisional patent applications and the need to have “Patent Pending” status before selling or disclosing a new product publicly.  Shows like “Shark Tank” and “Dragon’s Den” have brought attention to the need for intellectual property protection including patents, trademarks and copyrights.  This is a great thing.  The more inventors know the better.

However, as a patent attorney, I have seen a huge need for inventors to get an idea of what a provisional patent application even looks like.  The Patent Office doesn’t tell you what to put in or how to format a provisional application.  So, where can inventors turn to get the information and knowledge they need to start protecting their ideas and inventions?  That’s where Provisional Patent Kit comes in.  I created this kit to fill the gap in the information that is available to the inventors who want to roll up their sleeves and do some DIY provisional patent applications.

No more guessing

No more wondering what to do

No more spending hours trying to search

No spending hundreds or thousands with a patent attorney

My Personal Guarantee to You

My kit makes DIY provisional patents easy and is a really great value and I want you to feel the same way.

If you are not 100% satisfied with my Provisional Patent Kit, just let me know and I’ll help you out if you would like or cheerfully refund your purchase price 100% no questions asked – the choice is yours.