What is a Provisional Patent?

Many people refer to a provisional patent application as simply a “provisional patent.”

The more accurate name is provisional patent application, which is a temporary placeholder patent application that lasts for 12 months.

Provisional patent applications offer the following benefits:

  • Secure a filing date with the US Patent Office – this is especially important under the “First Inventor to File System”
  • Quick and lower cost application for preliminary protection – less than $100 including this kit and the micro entity official filing fee
  • Get “Patent Pending” Status in as little as 1 day.
  • Decide to convert later. Before the 12 months are up, you can decide to convert to a full non-provisional application
  • Time to Test and Add. During the 2 months your provisional is pending you can raise funds, solicit investors, test your product and the market, all while being “patent pending.” Also, you can add any new features or improvements you come with during the 12 months to the non-provisional application.

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